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Sponsor Services


Feasibility is critical in determining the accurate patient population and how this fits into the inclusion and exclusion criteria for each protocol.

Combining our site network with TrialVista®, the leading site management software, we are able to provide accurate patient population projections across all indications. Automated on-line feasibility questionnaires are sent to our network of physicians and practices with customized protocol specific data forms allow the ARN to accurately and quickly determine the enrollment capacity of the network.

Phase I

The ARN has access to both US and outside US based Phase I clinics. Whether it is healthy volunteers or indication specific therapeutic areas, the ARN is capable of initiating, enrolling and completing Phase I trials.

Late Phase Development

Late stage development is our core competency and represents the majority of ARN’s service. We have experience in Phase II-IV studies across many indications. We have sites that are capable of participating in traditional blinded studies to complex dose escalation and PK trials.

Centralized Budget

To expedite study start-up, the ARN has installed a comprehensive centralized budget mechanism to enable us to eliminate costly time associated with contract and budget negotiations. Instead of having to negotiate multiple contracts, the ARN project manager will facilitate every site through a centralized budget process.

In addition, each sponsor and site can view the status of the contract, payments, and any relevant contract issue in TrialVista®.

Patient Reported Outcome

With TrialVista®, the ARN can capitalize on a centralized web-based platform for obtaining patient reported outcome data. Our sites are all familiar with the system and patients in the region simply log on and complete questionnaires and diaries as needed.

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