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Investigative Site Services

Dedicated Research Personnel

VRN allows practices to have a dedicated research staff in place that does not disrupt the day-to-day interactions and responsibilities of seeing patients by each physician. Each ARN staff member is an experienced, well-trained, and knowledgeable clinical trial personnel.

This allows our ARN staff to complete the required study specific tasks while the physician would only see the patient per protocol as a part of their normal core duties.

Quality Assurance Systems

The ARN has dedicated quality assurance personnel in place to assist both our sponsors and our sites in maintaining compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Each staff member is ICH, GCP and CRC trained to ensure patient confidentiality and safety are our number one priority.


ARN’s proprietary operational management software, TrialVista®, allows sites to more efficiently manage the everyday tasks of both their clinical trial patients, but their overall practice. The system is a web-based, permissions only, and modular system that can be implemented in just a few days.

ARN sites are fully trained on each module and maintenance and help desk services are free of charge to each ARN site. The system greatly increases efficiencies of the practice staff and can have significant cost savings.

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